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Personalized assessment for our clients non-residents in Spain. Either privates, professionals or foreign business. MAVICA accompanies and assists you in every step of the way. From creating an enterprise, legal and brand registeries, obtention of NIE. 

We have developed experience in accountancy, labor, fiscal and legal departments in order to help you. Each of your financial activities, such as acquiring real estate, investments, legacies, tax payments. MAVICA is at your side from the very beginning, for you to take the best possible decisions.


  • Financial Management
  • Private Wealth
  • Assistance and advice in opening bank accounts
  • Assistance and assessment in buying or selling Real Estate
  • Cash Flow and Investment assessments


  • Account management and reporting to the mother company
  • Financial control, implementation of administrative processes and information systems to the mother company
  • Accountance elaboration and actualization either from distance or in the corporate address
  • Permanent accounting assessments
  • Financial Statements' preparation
  • Book of Accounts' legalization
  • Annual Accounts, Memories and Management reports' preparation and deposit


  • Legal and Fiscal planing. Structures' optimization
  • Fiscal Management and Double Taxation Convention
  • Property and Inheritance Tax
  • Tax residence changes
  • Management of fiscal obligations. Personal Income Tax and Income Tax for Non-Residents
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Tax Inspection
  • Permanent assessment to your tax department
  • Fiscal assessments and Contingency Plans
  • Assisstance during Tax procedures
  • Business Plan's assessments
  • Reviews and Tax Audits for Purchasing Transactions
  • Tax certificates


  • Labor Management and Human Resources
  • Assessment and Processing of files of expatriation/"impatriation" of workers
  • Assessment about work, residency and Special Status permits for Foreigners
  • Preparation of Payrolls, Settlements and Severance Payments
  • Labor Contracts' drafts and assessment
  • Social Security affiliation and termination
  • Labor costs assessment
  • Wage settlement according to the applicable Collective Labor Agreement
  • Employer Registration on Social Security
  • Special status of Social Security (domestic worker, self-employed, Seafarer)


  • N.I.E Obtention
  • Founding of the Company
  • Legal and Financial representation
  • Compliance with formal obligations
  • Internationalization of Businesses
  • Business Plans
  • Structure organization and Project implementation assessment
  • Coordination with the departments of the firm
  • Management of subsidies to the internationalization and opening of new markets
  • Amendemnt of Bylaws, Company Mergers and Business Acquisitions
  • Assistance in Corporate Transactions
  • Assistence to Board of Directors and Shareholders' Meetings